Vogue Theater Sept 3rd, 2014
Virginia Ave Folk Fest May 9th, 2015
Jazz Kitchen May 17th, 2015
Melody Inn  January 16th, 2015
Metamora Music Fest  Aug 8th 2015
Morel Festival April 25th, 2014
Virginia Avenue Folk Fest
Show April 9, 2016
​​​​​​Live Shows:
-April 29th Sunday  Pathways          Over Pogues Benefit Concert
​-May 12th & 13th - Virginia Ave               Music Festival, Indpls, IN
-May 18th - Melody Inn
-June 1st - Duke's - Indianapolis
​-June 9th - Pixy Theatre,
Edinburg, IN                                
-June 15th - Melody Inn

-July 14th - Union City Brewing,                                      Carmel​

-July 20th - Melody Inn
-August 17th​​​​​​ - Melody Inn
-September 21st - Melody Inn

-September 22nd Private Party​​Greensburg, IN
​Hillbilly Happy Hour at the Melody Inn, Indpls, IN every third Friday​

​​​​Bookings: ralphed2@att.net​​​ and CC:  stuartpoe@sbcglobal.net​​
Ralph Ed’s Acoustic Open Stage,
Tuesday nights at the Side Door Pub, ​115 North Center Street, Plain
field, IN

         artwork by Coot Crabtree