Possum Boy
Someone Your Forgetting
       Old Man Miller 
                Garage Sale
   Glitter Time
Vogue Theater Sept 3rd, 2014
Artcraft Theater August 8th, 2015
Virginia Ave Folk Fest May 9th, 2015
Jazz Kitchen May 17th, 2015
Earth Day Indianapolis April 23rd 2016
Melody Inn  January 16th, 2015
Metamora Music Fest  Aug 8th 2015
Morel Festival April 25th, 2014
Virginia Avenue Folk Fest
Show April 9, 2016
Live Shows:
​June 3rd Bubbas Hot Rod Shop​​ - Speedway
June 17th Melody Inn  Indianapolis​​
June 18th Irvington Folk Festival​
July 2nd Private Party
July 15th Melody Inn​
August 19th Melody Inn​
August 20 Wagon Wheel - Warren, IN​
October 1st - Metamora​ Music Fest

​​​​Bookings: ralphed2@att.net​​​ or stuartpoe@sbcglobal.net​​
The third Friday of every month is Hillbilly Happy Hour,
Historic Melody Inn with Punkin Holler Boys
3826 North Illinois St Indianapolis, Indiana
317 923-4707 www.melodyindy.com
Ralph Ed’s Acoustic Open Stage,
Tuesday nights at The Ole Pub,
115 North Center Street, Plainfield, IN, (317) 203-5166